Careers that pay well for single moms

You can also write press releases and articles to be sent and published online. Consider part or full time accounting or bookkeeping as a freelance position. If you need cash NOW to pay the bills, get to work. But… if you love kids, want your own toddlers or preschoolers to have friends, have a good bit of patience and can create a set schedule — this might just be the perfect job for you.

When I was first on my own and was working two day jobs life really sucked. When a reader clicks on that logo or ad and goes to the company website, the blogger will get a small amount of money. That is, doing jobs online that pay you per job. I had no choice.

You will have to apply for and get a real estate license in order to become an agent, whether you work alone or with a company. Depending on individual state and county regulations!!!

For info on getting your home child care license start here: This is a job you can usually do at home, which makes it ideal for single mothers with small children. Now that I have put in the effort to work for myself life is so much better.

Consider being a virtual assistant. And side hustles are nothing new. You are my friend and I just want you to have the life you are supposed to have.

The Best Job for Single Moms

My mom did it and so can you. You might even use their products yourself! So just what are direct sales exactly? Plus I can make what I want. Also, most restaurants are always in need of weekend servers, so you can plan on being home with your family during the week and pick up shifts on the weekends.

And then what happened? However, you do have the option to learn the craft on your own. Affiliate Marketing This sales job is a form of advertising. I would get so frustrated so easily and then feel terrible about myself. There are many different freelance gigs. Many of these sales positions require you to buy a start-up kit or to become an affiliate, which might involve membership fees or obligations.

It is a huge investment of your time and energy, even though you are doing it so you can stay home with your own children. If you have a talent for designing, you can channel it through designing websites or graphics for marketing campaigns, promotions and advertising of different companies.

There are two ways to do this job: If you have already done something like this and know that it works for you and your own children, you can expand to take on more children and more monthly income by getting your home child care provider license.10 Best Jobs For Moms With Young Children.

There are plenty of great jobs with outstanding pay that are available for moms with young children, and the best part?

There are several content writing websites, that employ writers from all across the globe, and the pay is quite decent as well.

11 Seriously Flexible Jobs Perfect for Working Moms

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Feb 08,  · In Pictures: Best Jobs For Single Parents. One place to start is Working Mother magazine's annual list of best companies for working mothers.

A detailed list of the best jobs for single moms -- jobs that pay well AND offer time flexibility so you can plan your work around your kids here are some of the best jobs for single mothers we’ve found.

The 11 Best Jobs For Single Mothers

Online professional community CareerBliss surveyed 60, women to uncover the 10 happiest jobs for cytopix.comr: B. C. Forbes. As a single mom finding a good job is so hard. There’s nobody to help you get by. You have to pay your own bills and take care of your kids.

You have to work every day and then come home to a messy house that you just can’t seem to keep clean, help with homework, chase down little ones, make supper, and get everyone ready for bed.

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Careers that pay well for single moms
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